Receive spiritual healing to remove blockages from sicknesses, relationships, the physical body, mental body, emotional body and more.

Distance Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing Service
The spiritual healing service that I offer is not from me. I was honored to receive special treasures from the Divine that allow me to offer healing remotely as well as in person. I am simply a vehicle and vessel to allow the Divine to offer the healing through me.
How the Spiritual Healing Works
The Divine's healing carries very high frequency and vibration to dissipate energy and spiritual blockages. If your third eye is opened, you could see so much light come to the area of your request when the healing takes place.  This light could be golden, rainbow and even other colors. The area of the blockage could look dark. Each healing could remove some blockages related to your request little by little and bring more light to that area. If you are sensitive to energy, you could feel heat or tingling sensations. Some people may not feel or see anything. It does not matter, the spiritual healing takes place regardless if you feel or see something.
How long does it take to see possible results?
Each person has different blockages. Some people have heavier blockages than others. A result could happen immediately, within a few days or even months and more. Some people may feel they had no results if they do not feel better. It all depends on how heavy the blockages are. The spiritual healing will come to you remotely to remove blockages. I do not need to see you physically. I just need your first and last name and I will be able to connect with you on the soul level. Each healing will last 5 minutes. The healing blessings that are available will be shown below.
Divine Healing Hands Blessing
Receive a blessing from the Hands of the Divine: Divine Healing Hands Blessing